Open to the public until February 5, Monday to Saturday from 18 to 21 hours. Montalbán Sánchez described in ‘everyday Beats’ photographs where the smile is the extraordinary fact  



Photos, nearly fifty, in black and white, defending the purity of the genre and 25 years travel time and distance, because everyday details immortalize different countries. But all have a very personal focus: its author, Francisco José Sánchez Montalbán (Cartagena, 1964), professor at University of Granada. The most genuine manner ‘life’, the artist reminds his students and their audiences that life “when viewed as a photographer can get many details of where it seems that there are none.” And that’s where he presents an atmospheric, slow, subtle and outright snapshot collection sandy texture to universalize the workers blackened sugar cane Salobreña, lonely individuals in Libya, young participants of the celebrations of Cascamorras in Baza, a burly driver in Munich (Germany) with your dog sitting in the passenger seat or a child to worship a virgin in Mexico. Through the camera, mostly analog, with traditional film reels, this author who likes to wake up the astonishment, laughter and mystery has attracted small pieces of the world contributing to a single vision infinite shades and flashy scenes from disparate cities. In ‘Everyday Beats’parade Spain, USA, Finland, Cuba, Italy or Greece. In the latter country, stands the baroque monasteries of Mount Athos. 

“Life is happening” 

Just a snapshot of a Parisian newspaper reader, whose eyes are confused with the actual invading the front page of those of Woody Allen and black rimmed glasses, “certifying that life is happening between extraordinary events that occur while we are dedicated to other matters, “stresses Montalbán Sánchez, who does not give the look underground, ironic and critical. He is also a professor of photography courses Manuel Failure taught in the International Festival of Music and Dance and his seasoned eye proves it without the slightest interest decay of these works.


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