This article is thought to be for our “old” students who want to keep their Spanish at the same level as it was when they were here in Granada, but also for everybody who is willing to learn this beautiful language!

Here you will find lot of interesting tools to enjoy yourself while learning Spanish…¡¡DISFRUTAD!!


Nowadays Spanish language is spoken by more than 500 millions of people around the world. In fact it is the official language in 20 countries in Europe, America, and Africa, and is widely spoken in dozens of other nations, including the United States.

Furthermore, it is increasingly required in most of the jobs, not only for translators and mediators or teaching, but also for companies that work and trade abroad, and in many other fields.
It follows that knowing Spanish nowadays means to have an edge over the others.

Being a Romance tongue, which means it comes from Latin, Spanish sometimes looks like the other Romance languages, as French, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian; but you English and German fellows, do not worry! Also for you, learning Spanish will be dead easy with the tools we are going to show you!

Also, experts agree that learning a second language is great exercise for the brain, and can help improve thinking and cognitive skills in all aspects of learning.

Depending on the way you like to surf on the web, now we are going to show you the trickiest ways to get involved in Spanish learning.



One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn Spanish is definitely watching a good movie in this language. It is better to watch it without subtitles, but if you can’t, make sure they are in Spanish, so you are able to follow the dialogues between the actors.

But we all know that it can turn really annoying to look for a movie online, as often you can’t find it or when you finally work it out, it comes out in another language. Now we are going to show you a couple of websites very easy to use, in order to watch movies in Spanish without too many problems.

eightfish-young-chinese-woman-watches-a-movie-on-her-laptop-sprawled-on-a-bed_i-G-40-4041-469LF00Z1The first website we recommend you for watching TV series is Canal Antena 3. Here you can easily find what you are looking for, without have pop-ups or other problems connected with advertising. As it is a Spanish channel, everything you find will be automatically in Spanish; this means you simply do not have to drive crazy changing language nor finding your favorite TV series played in another language.

Another website we suggest is Netflix, which is actually very popular, available in Spain since few days. Netflix is an online platform in which you can find a huge amount of movies, TV series, documentaries etc. Here you can select the language you prefer, and decide whether to see subtitles or not.



When you learn a new language, grammar is crucial in order to speak correctly and be aware of the reason why you are using a certain linguistic rule.

Said so, you can find a lot of interesting and funny exercises on our website. It includes grammar rules and reading comprehension, suitable for everybody who are preparing the DELE exam and want to reach a good Spanish level.

You can find good exercises also by going to the webpage of the Instituto Cervantes, that includes cultural and historical articles about Spain, as well as grammar and lexical exercises.

Furthermore, if you had any doubts about some words, the most reliable Spanish dictionary you can find online is definitely RAEReal Academia Española.



Do you like to read? Well, you can mix pleasure with business, by reading in Spanish.

And if you go to the library of your town and you can’t actually find any book written in Spanish, the best way to find it is by looking on the web. La casa del libro, “the house of books”, based in Madrid, is an excellent website, in which you can find a huge amount of books, authors, articles etc. Just buy a good book (is quite cheap) and enjoy it lying on the sofa with a hot cup of the.



The most difficult part when you get into another language is probably the speaking. In fact, every language has its own way to tell certain expressions, which go beyond the proper grammar pronunciation rules. For this reason, in order to accomplish a good Spanish speaking level, you should keep in touch with native speakers, but how can you do without going abroad?

Webcam-for-SkypeNowadays Internet is a powerful tools, and developed a new method for overtaking this problem…it is named Linguistic Tandem, that it’s a kind of linguistic exchange working in the web. It gives you the opportunity to learn a new language by meeting a native speaker and start a conversation, using programs like Skype. Both of you are speaker of the language the other wants to learn, so the conversation will be half in a language and half in the other. That’s really powerful.

A very good linguistic tandem website is Italki. If you are a basic learner, you can also take lessons with a proper teacher beforehand, and when you will be ready you can speak with any Spanish “hablante” to improve the language. This is only one of the most popular websites, but if you click here you will be able to find many others more.

These are the most powerful and funny ways to learn Spanish online, but if you are looking for an excellent preparation, in order to travel, work abroad and establish yourself, what you need to do is coming to our school, accredited by the main Spanish Institute, Institúto Cervantes. Our dedicated staff of experts will work with you to allow you to achieve rapid fluency in Spanish, as well as preparing you to the DELE exam, which certificates your Spanish level and it’s recognized by every institution.

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