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20 Reasons Why You Need to Live Abroad Before You Die

Here are 20 reasons why you should live abroad at least once in your life:

Reason to live abroad at least once in your life1. You See The World

There is a whole wide world beyond your hometown. You’ll regret it if you don’t see other parts of it.

2. You Experience Different Cuisines

Lasagna in Italy? Pad thai in Thailand? Pork buns in a dim sum place in Hong Kong? There’s a whole world of food out there for you to discover.

3. You Experience Different Customs

From siestas to bikes in Amsterdam, living abroad will let you see the customs of people in different countries.

4. You Experience Different Entertainment

From mariachi bands in Mexico to alternative bands in the United States, it’s always great to see what people in other countries do for fun.

5. You Experience Different Cultures

It goes without saying that you will benefit immensely by experiencing cultures different than yours. Everybody doesn’t think the same, and living abroad will let you see why.

6. You Become More Than a Sightseer

When you live abroad, you will be able to see a lot more of a country than the average sightseer.

7. You Will Be One of the Few With a Passport

Many people have never had the opportunity to leave their home country. Be one of the few who has experience living abroad.

8. You Can Cross An Item Off Your Bucket List

Many people want to see the world before they die. Be one of the few that actually crosses items off their bucket list.

9. You See How Other People Live

Many Americans drive cars while people in Amsterdam ride bikes everywhere. See how other cultures live in your time abroad.

10. You Will See Yourself Differently

It’s hard not to view your beliefs differently after living abroad.

11. You Get a Different Perspective On Your Own Culture

After living abroad, you will see the beliefs and culture of your home country differently.

12. You Get to Have Interesting Political Conversations With Others

By living abroad, you will have plenty of opportunities to have conversations about the political processes of the respective countries.

13. You Get to See Past The Stereotypes

Every group has its own stereotypes. You will get a more measured look at a country and its people.

14. You Get To Experience a Different Dating Scene

What is the dating scene like in Madrid, Montreal, or Rio de Janeiro? Moving there will give you an inside look at how people in other countries find love.

15. You Will See That Traveling to Other Countries Might Be Easier

If you live in Europe, travel to other European countries could be very inexpensive. When living abroad, you can often travel to nearby countries for the cost of a dinner for two.

16. You Give Your Friends a Great Excuse to Visit You

Who doesn’t want to travel internationally while having fun with a loved one?

17. You Get To See What You’re Made Of

Not everyone has the guts to move to another country. Be one of the few who are brave enough to go on this life changing journey.

18. You Get to Meet New People From New Cultures

It’s always great to meet new friends. When you live abroad, making new friends in your new country will open up social, work, and romantic possibilities.

19. You Get to Learn Languages

Before you arrive in your new country, learn languages by enrolling in a language centre in your home country. When you study a different language, you will make your international stay a lot smoother.

20. You Get to Create Memories

Living abroad will give you memories that will last a lifetime. If you study a different language, make friends abroad, and experience different aspects of an international culture, you will have life experiences that you will never forget.

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