Learn a foreign language in class is not enough for you? Do you want to practice more outside of school? We´re going to help you! Here are a few examples of how you can practice it at home.

  1. Read a lot and you will speak so much better

Read book, newspapers and articles on the websites in a foreign language is a great way to learn languages. During the reading we make deeper our vocabulary and we practice new expressions that are fundamental to be able to communicate with other people.


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  1. Make index card to memorize better

Increasingly index cards become a very popular method of learning a foreign language. Probably you wonder what it is. Here we give you an answer. The index card is small sheet of paper in which on one side you write a word in your native language and at other side the same word but in a language you want to practice. Persons who already made their index cards confirm that is an ideal way to memorize vocabulary.



  1. Watch the movies

Another example of complementary method for learning a foreign language is to watch the movies or TV shows in original version without subtitles or reader. Currently, thanks to the development of technology, we have an unlimited access to some platforms where we can find a movies or TV shows that we are interested in.

Remember! Use only legal sources.


Here you have the link to our YouTube cannel where you see videos made by our teachers.


  1. Sing

How many of us sing in secret at shower or in front of a mirror? We assure you that the most of us. Now combine useful and pleasant. Memorize lyrics of your favorite songs and sing! On platforms like YouTube or Spotify you can legally play music from your favorite bands and singers.



  1. Make new Friends

It´s obvious that read book, watch the movies or sing it´s not the same that direct contact with a person. Internet gives us many possibilities in this field. Through Social Medias or Skype we can meet new people, but always very carefully, and communicate with them regardless of the distance.

If you have friends who come from country where they speak a language that you´re learning meet with them to do a tandem. It´s a language exchange with native speakers.



  1. Do yourself a gift and buy a plane ticket to Granada and… learn Spanish with iNMSOL!

The best way according to the most of people who wants learn a foreign language is go to the country where the people speaks this language. Being there you´ll be surround with native speakers who don´t speaks the same language as you. So get out your comfort zone and start talking, it´s the best that you can do to learn a language of your dreams.

iNMSOL offers you a direct contact with native speakers in Spanish and culture classes. On our website you have necessary information to be able to start an adventure with iNMSOL.


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