As you prepare to take the DELE exam, you may feel at a loss not knowing where to start. Here are several pieces of advice that will help you pass the written portion of the exam at your desired level:

1. Learn Spanish in Spain

The first and most important piece of advice is to learn Spanish in Spain. Total immersion is one of the quickest ways to gain fluency in a language, and by traveling directly to Spain, you will learn to speak and write in the most authentic Spanish accent in the world. After an extended period of total immersion in Spain, you may even find that you start thinking in Spanish.

2. Read

Another way to prepare for the written portion of the exam is to read a lot to get ideas. Reading in Spanish will help you expand your vocabulary as well as demonstrate the proper usage of grammatical structures that you may struggle with. If you don’t have the time or competency level to read a full-length novel in Spanish, you can search online or at your local library for short stories, poetry, or newspaper articles.

Advises to pass the writing dele exam

3. Practice writing

A more practical piece of advice in preparing for the written exam is to practice writing directly. The first way you can practice writing is looking up sample writing prompts and practice responding to them. Other ways you can practice writing include (but aren’t limited to) writing a letter to a friend, a journal or blog entry, a book or movie review, a poem, or a short story. If possible, ask a native Spanish speaker to read and give feedback on your written work.

4. Study correct structures

One final piece of advice for preparing for the written exam is to dedicate time for studying grammatical structures to make sure you can implement them correctly in your writing. You can easily find explanations for the structures that give you the most difficulty online or in Spanish grammar books.

If you follow the pieces of advice listed above, you should start to feel much more prepared to take (and pass) the DELE written exam.

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