Learning a foreign language can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. To learn a new language, especially Spanish, most people sign up for a class and even download an app. But, what can speed up the learning process is a study group and immersing yourself in the culture of the local people.

The best place to help boost your learning inspiration is in a Spanish school in Granada. Granada, Spain is a mix of cultures both new and old providing the ideal environment for international students to learn Spanish. For Spanish, here are the top benefits you will get when you study in group.

Encourages talking

Speaking is a crucial ability when learning a foreign language. It can be very intimidating for non-native speakers to utter words on their own. Group work encourages everyone to participate in the communication through speaking, and this process builds up the confidence of the student. After some time, talking in Spanish becomes natural for you.

Enhances collaboration

Spanish school in Granada encourages students to work together when in a study group. When working in groups students help each other to learn by clarifying confusing points and answering language specific questions in a way that the non-native students can understand.

Builds good relationships

To learn Spanish in group means you will have constant interactions with your peers. These will foster relations and friendships that will go beyond the school compound. Dealing with daily cultural struggles will be a thing of the past as you will have people to share and help in any experiences.

Speeds up learning

It’s cost-effective to study in group as the time spent by one tutor on one student is split among a group of students hence saving time and resources. To learn Spanish in group is more interactive and fun. You will also make new friends and acquire more concepts within a shorter period.

Increases motivation

Typically when students begin to learn a new language, they are often excited and motivated. But as time goes their enthusiasm start to fail to the point of almost giving up on learning a new language. Having peers in your study group will give you the sense of accountability. They encourage you to continue attending the classes and taking part in the group activities.

Compared to private lessons, group activities encourage more interactions, and your understanding and communication will improve significantly.

Learn Spanish in group with friends in Spain