What Do I Do?

If you have found yourself alone in a new city that is unfamiliar to you, what do you do about it? Do you sit in your hotel room and watch TV? Don’t miss out on the local color, culture, and cuisine when you have to travel for business or for fun. Here’s how to access the opportunities of a new city:

Ask at The Desk

Your hotel will have information about the variety of dining, museums, music, and festivals that are available. They’ll be happy to help you arrange to see the local attractions.

Contact a Tour Office

You can do this before you even arrive at your destination. Tour offices provide information, tours, discounts to attractions, and plenty of up-to-date information about the wonders of the city you’re visiting.

Alone in a New City? Here's What to Do

Start Somewhere Big

If you’ve arrived in Granada, for instance, and don’t know what to do with yourself, one thing to do in this wonderful city is to go visit the Alhambra of Granada. This is a world heritage site of Muslim architecture which has stood through nearly twelve centuries of history. Guides are available to help you choose your next destination too.

Learn The Language

Learning the local language is a great way to learn about the culture and the people who have lived in any given place. They have built an amazing city and it’s up to you to explore it. Our Spanish Learning Center is certified by The Cervantes Institute for language learning. Our school is an excellent place to start when you find yourself alone in Granada. They will help you gain knowledge of the culture, the language, and the people.

Learn and Experience

Wherever you go, you will find opportunities to learn and keep busy. When you find yourself wondering “What do I do?” then simply make a list of things from the list above. When you visit Granada, you’ll know that you can find helpful people who will point you in the right direction. Oh, and one more thing to do in Granada? Relax in the Arab baths after spending the day seeing the sites and doing so many new things. You’ve earned it.