Language experts say that the best way for you to learn another language is to immerse yourself in the culture and include native speakers. If you are trying to learn Spanish, we offer you an excellent opportunity in the Spanish School in Granada. Just imagine learning the ability to speak one of the world’s most beautiful Romance languages in the land where it was born!

Our Spanish School has many courses from which to choose. You will be learning Spanish in Granada from native speakers who are certified and experienced in teaching foreign students. To keep up on your fluency, you should always practice at home. The more you use it, the more you will build your vocabulary and syntax. Here are some superb ways to keep practicing at your house:

Read Books and Newspapers In Spanish

Continue practising Spanish at home with our advisesDepending on your command of the language, you will stay fresh with your skills when you peruse newspaper articles and books written by native Spanish speakers. Even in you are just learning Spanish in Granada, do not be embarrassed to check out some Spanish children’s books. They are written on an elementary level and you can learn the same way a native would. Keep a Spanish/English dictionary handy for unfamiliar words.

Hang Out With The Natives

One of the many great aspects of our Spanish School is that the courses are taught by native Spanish speakers. You will have the chance to meet Spanish friends who would be happy to include you into their circle of family and friends. It is the best way of learning many of the nuances of the language and the beauty of the Spanish culture.

Immerse Yourself In Spanish Music

Listening to Spanish music is a fun way of learning popular phrases and idioms in the language. When you put the words to a funky beat, it helps with pronunciation. Often times, people who are just learning a language can understand more than they can speak. Try singing along with the radio and it will keep your language skills active.

Watch Spanish Television With English Subtitles

What a wonderful way of observing Spanish life portrayed on television with your own interpreter! As you are following along with the conversation, you will automatically learn new words by watching the English subtitles. You can watch classical movies, soap operas, or even Spanish sitcoms. Invite some of your native-speaking friends over for an even better chance to learn Spanish.

There are a plethora of job opportunities for people who are fluent in English and Spanish. While you are attending our Spanish School in Granada, we encourage you to learn more on your free time. Making a second language as part of your life is the key to mastering it.