Granada is the perfect place to combine Spanish and skiing courses in Granada. Without a doubt, Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and is only 25 minutes from Sierra Nevada, the southernmost ski resort in Europe.

Temperatures go down, winter is approaching, Sierra Nevada already looks white and the cold floods the streets of Granada. With this, we open the season of Spanish and ski courses in Granada.

Cursos de español y clases de esquí en Sierra Nevada

Snow attracts the first spectators and economic activity also begins. Meanwhile, lower and snowier temperatures are expected this week. This will allow to continue producing snow and that everything is to be asked for by mouth on November 23, the day on which the season is scheduled to begin.

In iNMSOL the season of one of our Spanish courses also begins and Sierra Nevada plays a fundamental role. We start with a magnificent intensive Spanish course within our Spanish and ski courses in Granada. In addition to learning Spanish, you can practice skiing in Sierra Nevada without losing class hours!

Why take our Spanish and ski courses in Granada

To start, we recommend you to take our Spanish courses in Granada because it is a wonderful province. In it, you can find cultural and sports leisure options. You can also find a combination of both, as is the case with our Spanish and ski courses.

In addition, our courses will allow you to learn Spanish from the best native teachers. In them, you will have a free day a week that you can use to … get on the ski resort and enjoy our student discounts!

Get to know Sierra Nevada

First, our mountain range is located in the Penibética mountain range, a mountain range in the region of Andalusia, between the provinces of Granada and Almeria. It also contains the highest point in continental Spain, the Mulhacén, at 3478 m (11,411 ft) above sea level.

Its high peaks allow skiing in one of the southernmost ski resorts in Europe. As a result, it is an idyllic and unique place in the world to be in an area of ​​the Mediterranean Sea. This area, mainly, is known for its warm temperatures and abundance of sun.

All this, as a whole, makes Sierra Nevada and, therefore, Granada, a popular tourist destination.

There is also the Sierra Nevada National Park, which has been declared a biosphere reserve. The Sierra Nevada Observatory is located on the northern slopes at an altitude of 2800 m (9186 ft).

As a climax, at its feet is the city of Granada. A little further, Almeria and Malaga.

However, we invite you to visit our section ‘Essential places of Granada’ so that you better understand why your visit is obligatory.

How was your training

Sierra Nevada was formed during the Alpine Orogeny. A phenomenon that gave rise to a series of mountains, among others, the European Alps to the east and the Atlas Mountains of North Africa through the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Its formation took place during the Tertiary period (65-1.8 million years) as a result of the collision of the African and Eurasian continental plates.


What is the geography of Sierra Nevada

In the center of the mountain range there is a ridge that extends, largely, from west to south-west-east-northeast. It has a considerable distance, constantly remaining above 3000 m (9842 ft).

To the south of the mountain range we find several long narrow valleys that lead to the southwest. These are separated by a series of subsidiary ridges.

On the other hand, in the steeper and steeper northern part, the valleys have less regular orientations. This side is dominated by the Genil River, which begins near the Mulhacén and into which many other rivers flow.

Below, we show you a list of the highest peaks in Sierra Nevada:

  • Mulhacén: 3.480 m.
  • Veleta: 3.393 m.
  • Alcazaba: 3.371 m.
  • Cerro los Machos: 3.324 m.
  • Puntal de Siete Lagunas: 3.248 m.
  • Puntal de la Caldera: 3.226 m.
  • Pico de Elorrieta: 3.206 m.
  • Crestones Río Seco: 3.198 m.
  • Loma Pelada: 3.187 m.
  • Cerro Pelado: 3.179 m.
  • Tajos de la Virgen: 3.160 m.
  • Tosal del Cartujo: 3.152 m.
  • Pico de La Atalaya: 3.148 m.
  • Puntal de Vacares: 3,143 m.
  • Cerro Rasero: 3.139 m.
  • Tajos del Nevero: 3,120 m.
  • Raspones Río Seco: 3.120 m.
  • Tajos Altos: 3.111 m.
  • Picón de Jeres: 3.090 m.
  • Tajo de los Machos: 3.088 m.
  • Cerrillo Redondo: 3.058 m.
  • Juego de Bolos: 3018 m.
  • Pico del Caballo: 3013 m.

Sierra Nevada ski resort

The Ski and Mountain Station of Sierra Nevada is located in the National Park of Sierra Nevada, in the Penibético System, in the municipal terms of Monachil and Dílar.

It is 27 km from the city of Granada and is less than 100 km from Motril, on the Granada coast. Because of this, you can enjoy the mountain and the sea on the same day. The car trip can be done in just over an hour.

Cursos de español y esquí en Granada | iNMSOL

In addition, next to the ski resort we find the urbanization of Pradollano. As a result of its 2,100 meters above sea level, it is the highest urban center in Andalusia. It is only comparable to the ski resorts of the Pyrenees.

The station also has good services for winter sports. Moreover, it also offers other possibilities such as: sleigh rides pulled by Nordic dogs, a snowpark or the recreational park of the Fuente del Mirlo Blanco.

And not only that, in summer it also offers the possibility of practicing other types of sports: cycling, horse riding, hiking, climbing, etc.

Likewise, in addition to the buildings dedicated to accommodation, we also find others dedicated to station services: clinics, nurseries, offices, ski schools, etc.

Enroll in our Spanish and ski courses in Granada!

In iNMSOL we offer you the possibility to enjoy three aspects of Granada: Spanish, the rich leisure and cultural offer, and skiing a few minutes from the center in Sierra Nevada. All this, under the spectacular winter light overlooking the Mediterranean and Africa.

Therefore, if you like winter sports … you don’t need any more reasons to visit and study Spanish in Granada!

We will wait for you!

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