The Instituto Mediterráneo Sol is a Spanish school situated in the centre of Granada  which offers its students  – of any age and level –  courses in Spanish during all the year. Our school presents many different benefits, including the preparation for DELE’s exam from one week and all over the year.

Nowadays Spanish is used in Spain, in many Latin American countries, and in many parts of the United States ( in particular in Florida and the states which confine with Mexico). Taught in many schools and universities all over the world, it resulted necessary to create an official document in order to demonstrate the knowledge of Spanish language for non- native speakers: the DELE certificate.

Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are official titles which certify levels of competence of the Spanish culture and language – approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain. The main purpose of the DELE certificate is to officially demonstrate the ability to communicate in Spanish.



Firstly, the Instituto Cervantes organizes examination sessions while the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain plans the exams and it is in charge to evaluate the final of all exams.

DELE are divided into six levels:

Spanish Diploma Level A1 (Breakthrough)

The candidate is able to communicate in a basic way in situations representing everyday situations or immediate needs.

Spanish Diploma Level A2 (Waystage)

The student can understand everyday phrases and expressions such as basic information about themselves, shopping, places of interest, work, etc.

Spanish Diploma Level B1 (Threshold)

The student is able to understand texts in standard language – if they present well-known topics related to work or studies.  At the same time, it also certifies students’ ability to deal with different situations that occur while travelling in places where Spanish is spoken.

Spanish Diploma Level B2 (Vantage)

Certifies students’ ability to interact with native speakers with a sufficient level of fluency and spontaneity. The student can also produce clear and detailed texts, but also understand the meaning of complex texts about concrete and abstract topics – these also include technical texts.

Spanish Diploma Level C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency)

Certifies linguistic competence where the candidate is able to understand and to express himself fluently and spontaneously without a particular effort to find the right words – this also includes using the language for academic, social and professional purposes.

Spanish Diploma Level C2 (Mastery)

The student is able to communicate in any situation and he can adapt himself to any context, with a high level of precision.

The exams of levels A1/A2, B1/B2, C1/C2 are composed by four parts: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and lastly an oral exam.


The diplomas are considered valid permanently, and every year there are more than 60,000 candidates in more than 100 countries. Noticing how important it can be – in terms of studies and application jobs – in many countries, the DELE Diplomas have also been adopted by schools and universities as an addition to their own evaluation systems.

The DELE certificate counts many benefits, in particular because:

  • It is highly recommended from universities and employers.
  • In many cases, it is a prerequisite for many undergraduate and postgraduate university courses.

To sum up, the language represents a fundamental step in order to get close to another culture: without it is not possible to communicate and without communication it is not possible to obtain a world made by acceptance and tolerance.


Start your Spanish course at iNMSOL and train yourself for DELE certificate! You will get many advantages.