Life is a wonderful dance with over 7 billion people, moving in unison, to the living beat. We are born in our country of origin, shaped by what we know as home. The world however is filled with people that take many approaches to this life in the brilliant colors of their cultures. We are all called to become more diverse and grow an appreciation for the differences that make us interesting, and to recognize what we all have in common.
Enhancing Your Life by Living Abroad

Why Take Spanish?

Did you know that Spanish is the second most popular language in the world? If you are a native English speaker, it is easy to study Spanish since we share much of the same language. While travelling abroad, the most important tool you should possess, is the means to communicate with people of a different culture. In learning some of their language, you now have a strong foundation from which you can flourish and bypass many difficulties.

Brighten Your Internal Garden

The status quo is comfortable because we know what to expect. But in that comfort also lies stagnation and boredom with the mundane. To live abroad in a new culture is one of the best decisions someone can make to ensure a more enjoyable, pleasurable and colorful experience. You have seeds planted in your mind from your culture, and you are beautiful; but another culture’s seeds will make you exotic.

To Build Character

Character building is the result of overcoming difficult situations in our lives. It is the gifts that are bestowed upon us from facing our weaknesses. Traveling to a new country for the first time will often give us a sense of culture shock when we feel different, afraid to connect and seemingly alone in a new world. By facing our doubts and our fears, we come to find that our capabilities are far more than we ever anticipated.

See Your Home in a New Light

Upon returning from your travels, you will never see your home the same way. Shed new light in your life to replace the mundane and cherish that which you missed while you were away. You can never fully appreciate your grass until you’ve seen it from the other side.

Now that you have a desire to study Spanish, an excitement to live abroad and a burning desire for growth; it’s time to begin. Granada is known as the most lively city on earth, with so many visitors, it’s hard not to fit in. Good luck on your adventures; we all look forward to what you bring home on your return.