Studying Spanish will bring you so many benefits. No matter what your age, you can learn a new language because your mind is always prepared for it. Not only is Spanish the second language of this country, but there are many countries where Spanish is the dominant language. Knowing another language introduces you to a new world that you never knew existed. Think of all the foods and entertainment alone that are abundant in different cultures. Spanish is no exception. You may even have the opportunity to learn Spanish in Spain or another Spanish country.

Your motivation to learn Spanish may dwindle at times, especially as your lessons get more difficult. Memorizing the verb conjugations can be tiring. Learning new language rules can be confusing. While there are many things you need to learn, you can make your studies interesting enough so that you’ll keep doing it.

Keep the motivation when you are learning Spanish

Remember The Reason For Learning

One way to stay motivated is to remember your reasons for learning Spanish in the first place. Do you enjoy the sound of the language? Do you wish to travel to Spain or another Spanish-speaking country? Do you have family members or in-laws who speak Spanish?

There are internal reasons (loving the language) as well as external reasons (travel, or even a good grade). Try writing down your reasons and posting them somewhere you see every day, such as the refrigerator. Keeping your reasons right in front of you will work to keep you motivated if your reach a hump in your learning.

Get Immersed

Try connecting the language with something you enjoy. Do you have a favorite Spanish-speaking celebrity? Search online for Spanish articles about that person and practice reading them. Try listening to Spanish music. Use Netflix or Youtube to find Spanish movies and television programs in a genre you enjoy. You can even learn to order in Spanish at your local Spanish restaurant.

You’ll see and hear the language in its natural context. You’ll still be learning without your head in a textbook. You also won’t burn out cramming one thing over and over.

Review Your Progress

There are many online tools that you can use to test your Spanish proficiency. Use these as part of your motivation. Sometimes when we’re learning, we feel like we’ve hit a plateau. The truth is, it’s hard for us to see our own progress, especially if we’re not getting practice. If possible, find a study buddy or tutor that you can have Spanish conversations with. You’ll be surprised at how far you’re coming along and it’ll make you want to keep going.

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