Walk to Albayzin Granada with Inmsol Learning SpanishGranada, Spain is a beautiful and historic city. It is located at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range where for major rivers combine. It is also home to Alhambra, which is a Moor palace, and has existed for thousands of years, since before 5000 B.C. The Moors were the Muslims of the Middle Ages. Because of these facts, it is a great city to visit. It is also a perfect place to study if interested in learning the Spanish language, especially one certified by Instituto Cervantes, which is an internationally accredited language program.

Granada is also a perfect setting to learn Spanish because it is the native language of this area of Spain, which means a student would have many opportunities to practice with native speakers. For instance, a language learner can pack a lunch and set out to tour Alhambra, while practicing Spanish. He or she can chat with local people, which allows conversational Spanish to flow more freely and easily. The history of this place, along with its structure, makes it one of the most unique places in the world. This city, full of gardens and parks, allows for lots of outside attractions including spectacular flora and fauna. And keeping with the green theme of Granada, this city boasts zero-emission bars in a family-friendly atmosphere. Sight-seeing is also available for tourists to take in the colonial architecture, historical buildings and pleasurable weather.

Spanish learners can enjoy the southern coast of Spain in Andalusia while taking classes. Classes are held year around, which gives any language learner plenty of time to succeed. Learners can also plan to combine dancing, horseback riding, rock-climbing or hiking to their repertoire. Students can even choose to stay on campus or in a local home or hotel. With the school located in the center of the city, the school is convenient, peaceful and excellent. There is also plenty of shopping and food to enjoy in this quaint city. Depending upon the length of the trip, there are many different class options and prices to accommodate any student’s schedule and price range.

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