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The Importance of Spanish Practice

As with any language, practicing vocabulary, listening, and conversation are the best ways to improve competency. The Spanish language is no exception. To achieve proficiency and even fluency, the adult brain must have a reason to use the information it is learning. Without constant practice, the new information, especially language, will be lost. It is therefore incredibly important to keep listening to and speaking a language every day in order to achieve or retain language fluency in adult life.

Over 559 million people across the globe speak Spanish as their first or second language. With that number continuing to grow, Spanish is third most spoken language in the world, beat only by English and Mandarin Chinese. In the United States alone, Spanish is the most popular language studied by second-language-learners. This means Spanish is the top choice in the U.S. as a foreign language and its popularity and usefulness will only increase as more speakers master the language. Not only is Spanish an important language to master in today’s world, but it will also be a major language in the future. Linguists even predict that in coming years, most minority languages will die out as people are choosing to study major trade languages. This will leave only a handful of languages left in the world and Spanish is one of those projected to survive and thrive.

The Cervantes Institute was created in 1991 to facilitate Spanish learners in their goals for proficiency and fluency. With top-rated Spanish courses, training for Spanish teachers, and support of Hispanic cultural activities, the Spanish Learning Center has the resources to unlock the door to the vibrant world of this language and culture. Accepting both native speakers who want to keep their Spanish sharp and first-time learners looking to discover the exciting world of a foreign language, the Spanish Learning Center is ready to help students achieve their language-learning goals.  No skill can be achieved without dedication and practice, and this especially holds true for learning a new language. With the growing popularity of Spanish in today’s business, social, and cultural spheres, learning this language is a wise investment of time and resources. Being able to successfully understand and speak the Spanish language is one skill that can never be taken away.

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