The prevalence of social media in today’s culture provides an interesting, interactive alternative for those wishing to extend their repertoire of spoken languages. There are several social media sites designed specifically to offer a fun and engaging experience for those interested in learning Spanish.


Boasting the ability to teach a new language in just 10 minutes a day, Busuu is a global community that provides full language courses via bite-sized lessons as well as the ability for students to connect with over 60 million users worldwide. Busuu offers a variety of interactive features via both free and paid services. Busuu was the Red Herring European Winner of 2010!


It is an online experience that touts more than 1,000 teachers and over 2,000 tutors standing by to offer students an opportunity to connect with other users. Italki offers an extensive array of helpful resources such as access to articles, discussions, language exchanges, writing corrections, and questions and answers.


This social media offers its users a personalized learning experience based on its use of artificial intelligence in the character of a robot named Lingu. By tracking the student’s progress, Lingu is able to monitor each student’s individual advancement and learning level. Lingulia comprises of over 200 lessons including more than 8000 audios as well as flashcards and many other exercises.


It is a site that offers an opportunity to connect with a partner who wishes to learn the language you speak. The chat ability provided by VoxSwap allows its users to communicate with one another in order gain speaking experience as well as the ability to ask questions of a native speaker. There is also the option for students to practice their writing abilities as well as gain access to numerous videos.


Focuses on the concurrent use of vocabulary and grammar in an effort provide quick results. Babbel offers its users access to apps on all devices, tracks and saves the user’s progress, and encourages regular chatting opportunities.


For a writing-focused experience, Lang-8 offers its students opportunities to submit writing samples that are corrected by native Spanish speakers. For those students who require support with writing in Spanish, Lang-8 is a valuable resource.

My Happy Planet

My Happy Planet is an active site that offers its users ample opportunities to chat with Spanish speaking members, watch video lessons, and read written lessons.

With a plethora of social media sites available to users, learning Spanish has never been so exciting!

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