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Main Difficulties When You Start to Study Spanish and How to Overcome Them

If you are a native speaker of English you will likely have some difficulties to overcome when you start to study Spanish. Certain consonants such as the letter r or the double l may be hard for you to pronounce. Familiar consonants such as j, h, and x will have an unfamiliar sound.

Hand writing on a blackboard in a language class with the word "Spanish" written on it. Some books and school materials.

Grammar and punctuation could be somewhat challenging. Quotation marks and question marks are used differently or sometimes not at all. You may have trouble remembering that adjectives are plural when they modify plural nouns. The use of tenses may pose a problem. The double negative is another difference to be recognized.

Spanish has both a singular and plural “you”, unlike English. You will also have to be careful about how you address people, since Spanish has both a formal and a familiar way to say “you”. Without some instruction it may not always be clear to you which form is proper for the occasion.

The difficulties of the Spanish are somewhat outweighed by fact that the language is phonetic. As you study Spanish, you will see that the words are spelled the way they sound. You will never have to guess about pronunciation of the five vowels and five diphthongs. Unlike English, they will always sound the same.

Of course, the best way to learn Spanish is to immerse yourself in the language, rather than try to self-teach or learn from a book. A great way to do this would be to go to Spain to study at the school in Granada. Having the benefit of their superior instruction will make it easier to perfect your speech and comprehension and help you gain the fluency you want.

The Spanish Learning Center iNMSOL in Granada is certificated by Cervantes. The teachers there can help you overcome the difficulties of the Spanish that you can really only learn by living the language. They can help you understand the idioms, the nuances, and the subtleties of everyday speech that are part of the culture. If you are frustrated with the method of study you are using now, think about how the Spanish school in Granada could be a better way to achieve your goal.

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