Are you considering learning Spanish online?

In this post, find wonderful practical advantages of learning Spanish remotely you will definitely enjoy. Whether you’re tired of using a language learning app or decided to get more serious about mastering this awesome language, remote learning is a great step to take. And not just because of COVID. Why? Keep reading.


1. No Chaotic and Rushed Lunches

Traditional learning has one major disadvantage: the students often don’t have time for a peaceful lunch. There’s preparing for the next class, a meeting with the tutor, catching the bus home, and a million other things to do.

By the end of the day, many feel low energy, so it’s very easy to feel demotivated. The learning suffers. You can only look forward to having a decent meal at home.

If you decide to study Spanish remotely, though, you can always be at home, so the breaks could be longer (compared to the traditional way). You’ll have a decent amount of time – often even up to 40 minutes – on lunch.


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The reason is that if you decide to study online and learning Spanish remotely, your schedule will be much more flexible compared to in-person classes. This is something that most language schools allow with no problem.


2. No Classroom Interruptions

Has this ever happened to you? You’re making notes at the lecture when a fellow student interrupts the professor without permission. It happens multiple times, and, as a result, the class ends later than expected. Great, your entire schedule is screwed up. Not to mention that learning suffers greatly because of this impolite behaviour.

Sara Gartland, an educator, wrote an excellent article on Education Week, where she described the daily struggles she faced because of student interruptions. According to Sara, as much as 23 per cent of the in-class time is spent on “non-instructional” activities, most of which are, well, interruptions.

Here’s an excerpt from the article describing the outcome.

Source: screenshot from Education Week

Obviously, situations like these affect learning and add unnecessary stress for both students and educators. The latter sometimes even write essays for students on their personal blogs and university websites, asking them to respect appropriate academic behaviours.

If you study online, you can avoid a lot of this. The teacher has more freedom to manage an online class thanks to the option provided by the video conference software. For example, if really necessary, they can mute all students until they are finished with their part of the lesson.

Besides, you can often choose the size of the student group to be a part of. So, instead of having a classroom full of noisy students, you can learn Spanish in a small group of, say, five people.


3. Get a Free, Professional Placement Test

The best way to know where you are with a language is to take a placement test. Many universities and other traditional educational institutions expect you to do this by yourself (and often pay for it).

On the other hand, online language schools offer a free Spanish language test. It’s a great way to test both written and oral competence of the students before they even sign up for classes. Often, the placement tests come with study recommendations.

Also, remember that Span-based language schools also offer a bunch of other free services to international students. For example, they provide computers, city guides, places to study, Wi-Fi, and even organize weekly activities.


Remote learning

Remote learning at iNMSOL


Remote Spanish Learning: Final Thoughts

It is not surprising to see more and more students enrol in online language classes. These are just a few really good practical advantages of learning Spanish remotely, so this choice can be a much better option compared to traditional learning.

Hope you’ll make a great choice for yourself and master the beautiful Spanish language!



Erica Sunarjo is a professional writer and editor with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Social Media. She writes thought-provoking articles for publications in a variety of media. She is a regular contributor writer at GrabMyEssay and TrustMyPaper. Even though she is an expert in numerous fields of business, Erica is always dedicated to learning new things. She actively visits conferences and takes online classes to keep her mind open to innovative ideas.

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