There are many ways to learn how to speak Spanish, with resources such as books and tutors. In addition to those other resources, there are a variety of apps available that will help you easily and quickly learn how to speak Spanish.


Duolingo app to learn Spanish Duolingo is one of the top rated apps for learning Spanish. It uses a variety of units that are based on a specific theme, such as work, education, and so on. Within each of these units, there are a variety of exercises that will be used in order to help you easily learn. The unit will get slightly more difficult as you move your way through it, building the lessons on what you have already learned. Depending on the amount of time you spend using the app each day, you could easily complete all of the lessons within just a few months.


App Fluentu to learn Spanish quicklyFluentU uses a unique approach to teaching Spanish. It takes real world videos, such as commercials, music, news, and others and turns them into an experience that can be learned from. It does not have scripted learning, but allows its users to ease into not only learning the language but learning more about the culture as well. FluentU also keeps track of the vocabulary that its users have gone through and learned and suggests videos based on what the user has already learned. This app is perfect for those that would like to learn more about Spanish culture as well as the language.

Rosetta Stone

App Rosetta Stone to learn Spanish easilyRosetta Stone uses a much different approach to learning Spanish than other apps do. Rather than teaching Spanish using English, Spanish is taught by using only Spanish. It is the same way a child learning how to speak would learn Spanish by hearing it being used. You will not receive any type of translation in order to learn, but there is a platform that will allow you time with a live tutor. Rosetta Stone has speech recognition technology that has been praised. It will listen to the way a user says each word. If the user pronounces the word incorrectly, it will work on correctly the way the user says the word.


Learning to speak a second language can be difficult, but when using these different apps, you can learn quickly and easily.

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