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Resources to Learn Spanish: Youtube Videos

One of the best resources to help you learn Spanish is by watching videos. Videos give you extra practice listening to speakers and seeing the movement of their mouths. They’re also useful for learning new vocabulary and reviewing grammar lessons.

Here are three Youtube resources to supplement your Spanish lessons. Though these resources are all great for beginners, more advanced Spanish learners are sure to find something helpful, too.

1. Web Spanish Cognate Series

These videos teach Spanish by using English cognates. Cognates are words that are the same (or similar) in Spanish and English.

Because the words in these videos are already familiar to English speakers, it’s much easier to understand the grammar. The videos start by introducing the Spanish words and then work through the brief lesson using subtitles and English translations.

These short lessons last around two minutes and are geared toward basic level learners. The speaker talks slow enough for anyone to hear, and the lessons are short enough that they can easily be rewound and rewatched.

Web Spanish also has videos for intermediate and advanced learners, covering everything from pronunciation to specific grammar questions.

2. SpanishDict Lessons

The SpanishDict lesson series is a much more structured approach to learning Spanish than the Web Spanish series. These lessons start at the very beginning, with lesson 1.1 covering basic greetings and introductions.

There are four volumes in this series as well as mini pronunciation guides for common Spanish words. The pronunciation videos are extremely short–less than a minute long–so learners struggling with certain words can listen to them on repeat.

The lesson videos are longer, lasting around 10 minutes. They are a good supplement to regular Spanish classes.

3. Mr. Learn Spanish Idioms and Expressions

This is another Youtube channel that has Spanish lessons structured from beginning to advanced. One of the best features, though, are the idioms and expressions videos.

Learning idioms and expressions is something that isn’t usually introduced until later in typical coursework, but beginners should become familiar with them as soon as possible. Using idioms can help them sound more like native speakers.

Other great features of the channel include easy short stories in Spanish to help practice your listening skills and learn new vocabulary. They include subtitles in Spanish but not in English, though the stories are easy enough that low-level speakers can understand them.

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