An easy and fun way to learn new vocabulary words is via music. It can help you improve your knowledge quickly. Let’s take a look at five Spanish songs and see what you can learn from them.

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1. Cabeza y hombros, pierna y pies (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)

This familiar little song will assist you in learning parts of the body. Knowing these terms is useful in many situations.

Vocabulary: head, shoulders, knees, feet, leg, face, eyes, mouth and nose

2. Los pollitos dicen (The Chicks Say)

This popular children’s song will introduce you to present tense verbs, which are useful in describing some common, everyday actions.

Vocabulary: chicks, hunger, cold, chicken, corn, wheat, food, coat, wings and day

Verbs: to say, to have, to look for, to give, to lend and to sleep

3. Me gusta ir de compras (I like to Go Shopping)

Compliments of Spanish Language Learners!, the song “Me gusta ir de compras” is packed with nouns. It also introduces you to the expression “me gusta” so that you can indicate your preferences.

Vocabulary: shopping, clothing, store, swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt, jacket, pink and pajamas

Verbs: to like, to go, to buy and to need

4. Cielito lindo (Beautiful, Little Heavenly One)

This very old and well-known Spanish song from Mexico can help you to expand your vocabulary knowledge beyond the ordinary. You will also be exposed to the new verb and diminutive nouns.

Vocabulary: beautiful, pair, eyes, black, contraband, heart, bird, first, nest, mouth, nobody, mole, arrow and Cupid

Verbs: to go down, to come, to sing, to cry, to make happy, to abandon, to occupy, to deserve, to have, to give, to belong, to shoot, to throw and to wound

5. Eres (You Are)

This song by Café Tacuba will really stretch your Spanish vocabulary. The song itself, though, is slow and simple to understand due to its use of the simple present tense.

Vocabulary: world, thought, deep, day, mind, reason, time, people, salvation, hope, faith, girlfriend, end and minute

Verbs: to want, to be, to have, to awake, to lack, to say, to lie, to feel, to share, to promise, to carry, to give, to sit, to wait, to imagine, to love and to think

As you can see, learning Spanish via music is easy and a lot of fun! Try it today!

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