Mastering the Spanish language is a huge accomplishment and a valuable asset in today’s society. However, after a period of time, you may start to forget the language you worked so hard to learn. Here are some useful tips to help you retain your skills:

Practice speaking Spanish in a market1. Speak to locals

Anytime you are traveling, seek out locals. They are your best resource in learning how the language is truly spoken!

2. Language Exchanges

Many places have language exchanges where you can go to a bar or restaurant and help one another practice your foreign language in a relaxed setting. No reason to be timid about making mistakes, everyone is there to practice and have fun.

3. Skype chats

If you do not have access to meet with native speakers in person, consider using the internet to search for Spanish speakers you can chat via Skype. This can be a great way to learn Spanish quickly because you will have the full, undivided attention of a mother speaker. Unlike locals you meet, these people allot time to speak with you, so you don’t have to worry about taking up their time in order for you to learn.

4. Download apps

There are tons and tons of free apps out there dedicated to helping you learn Spanish and keep your skills up to par. Download one today and start practicing!

5. Watch TV and movies

You can find many free TV shows and movies to watch on youtube that are in Spanish. Or you can add Spanish subtitles to any of your regular programs.

6. Listen to podcasts

There are also many podcasts that help you learn Spanish. You can select ones according to your ability.

7. Read

You can find many online news articles, blogs, or essays in Spanish, or you can order books that are in Spanish instead of English. If novels are too advanced, try children’s books to start.

8. Label items around your house

Put sticky notes with the Spanish word over household objects. You will seed Spanish words everywhere and every day and this will help you learn Spanish quickly.

9. Write to foreign friends

If you have any Spanish speaking friends, try to keep an email correspondence with them and ask them to point out any mistakes you make in your messages.

10. Listen to Spanish music or radio

This is a great way to learn the language without taking up a lot of extra time. You probably already listen to music or the radio every day anyway, so why not download some Spanish music and learn while you’re at it.

Spanish is a great foreign language to know, and incorporating one of these ways every day will help you to maintain your knowledge!

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