Do you want to live a real Spanish experience? As you know, you can learn Spanish and Flamenco with Instituto Mediterráneo Sol and get yourself immerse into the true Spanish and Andalusian culture. We tell you how some of our students are doing these weeks.

Spanish Course combined with Flamenco lessons

Flamenco dancing is the most recognized Spanish dance. It is even officially considered part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. For reasons like these, at INMSOL we think of interesting options for our students to learn the Spanish culture in all its variants, and we offer the possibility of combining their Spanish classes with introductory classes to Flamenco dancing.

Flamenco bailaora      Flamenco 3

As a student of INMSOL, you can have your Spanish classes in the morning, an intensive course of 20 lessons per week. And during the afternoons, you can put your tacones and your gypsy skirt and learn how to dance Flamenco in one of the most prestigious academies of flamenco Granada, located in the beautiful Sacromonte quarter. This is what 4 of our students are currently doing: for them it is their first contact with Flamenco, but it’s perfect! Because they learn the basics of this art from beginner level. These girls come from countries such as Turkey, Germany, Austria or Norway, and they are all connected by their interest in our culture.

Flamenco live shows for our students

Flamenco 2

What was the trigger for this interest in Flamenco? Some of them had already booked their combined Spanish and Flamenco course in advance, but others decided to learn it once they arrived to Granada. Our students attended a live Flamenco show in a cave located in the Sacromonte quarter, and thanks to their INMSOL student card they got a good economic advantage in these shows.



They were so impacted by this dance that they decided to start learning it! They have already taught us some steps… amazing!

We encourage all our students to experience the Flamenco and to enjoy the Spanish learning with all senses.

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