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What Do You Need For Spanish Nationality?

Gaining Spanish nationality means that you will have all of the rights and benefits of being a Spanish citizen and a citizen of the European Union. In order to apply for Spanish nationality, it is necessary to go through a legal process. It can seem a bit complicated, but it is actually fairly straightforward to apply for Spanish nationality.

The first step to Spanish nationality is applying for permanent residence after living in Spain for five uninterrupted years. The permit for permanent residence requires proving that you have health insurance and the financial means to support yourself. After ten years of permanent residence in Spain, you can typically apply for Spanish nationality. There are some exemptions to this rule. Spouses, widows, widowers, or children of a Spanish citizen only have to wait one year.

After you have fulfilled the requirements to apply for nationality, you will need to pass two tests to become a Spanish citizen. These tests are designed to prove that you have good citizenship and are successfully integrated into the society of Spain. They involve testing of language and cultural and social knowledge of Spain.

What do you need for Spanish NationalityThe Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Langauge (DELE) examination tests an applicant’s knowledge of the Spanish language. To gain citizenship, you need to pass it at level A2 or higher. The A2 level merely shows that the citizenship candidate can use and understand common everyday phrases, particularly while discussing work, shopping, families, and places of interest. This ensures that the nationality candidate is able to communicate on a basic level about topics pertaining to their everyday life.

The Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge Spain (CCSE) exam is slightly more complex. Native Spanish speakers do not have to take the DELE exam, but everyone who applies for nationalitiy must take the CCSE. It tests a wide range of knowledge, including a review of the Spanish Constitution, a discussion of government and the law, and facts about the culture, history, geography, and society of Spain. To become a Spanish citizen, you must pass this test. It can be somewhat difficult, so it is quite beneficial to study the CCSE beforehand.

Preparation can be slightly intimidating, but fortunately, there are plenty of preparation courses that can help you. By passing the DELE and CCSE exam, you show that you can be a full functioning member of Spanish society. After passing the exams and filing the paperwork, you can enjoy the full benefits of Spanish citizenry.

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