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Student Visa to study in Spain, when, why and where?

Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is one of the most picturesque cities in Andalucía, the southern state of Spain. Granada offers a rich history, beautiful architecture and multiple outdoor activates for visitors. For those wanting a bit more out of the experience, there are also several opportunities to study in Granada.

Visa Student to Study Spanish in SpainExchange programs and other organizations make it possible for foreign students (extranjeros in Spanish) to come to the University in Granada and participate in academic studies. Attending University in Granada will be a life-changing experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a host of new skillsets. You will have the opportunity to study with people from around the world and experience new and exciting cultures.

Why not top-off your amazing study in Spain by learning a new language. At our Spanish School, we offer certified and comprehensive courses that are designed to help you learn Spanish as efficiently as possible. Additionally, as we are certified by the Institute of Cervantes, our courses carry their recognition and seal of approval.

In order to study in Spain, an appropriate visa is required. A Student Visa is a specialized visa that allows individuals to remain in Spain for an extended period of time for the sole purpose of studying. In order to be eligible for Student Visa in Spain, a recognized University or other educational institution must accept you as a student. To apply for one, you must contact your nearest Spanish Consulate or the Spanish Embassy and set up an appointment.

Depending on the situation, different documents may be required, but in most cases the following are needed to apply for the visa.

  • Passport that will remain valid for the duration of your studies
  • Two passport sized photos with a white background
  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance into a Spanish university or exchange program
  • Completed visa application form
  • Health insurance that covers you abroad
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of your stay

Those interested to study in Granada should begin the application process as soon as possible as the processing can potentially take a few weeks and no one wants to be stuck in the visa process close to when they are supposed to leave for Spain.

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