To Erasmus students in Granada

While spending time in Granada, Spain as an exchange student, learning the Spanish language is one of the most beneficial things a student can do. People have countless reasons as to why they wish to learn new languages, though the following are most common for young students: proper communication with locals, deeper connection with the surrounding culture, and a higher likelihood of employability.

Erasmus students in Granada have a world of language studies right in front of them, with the Instituto Mediterráneo Sol.

Learn Spanish in Granada, Spain

Seeking Education

Our Spanish School offers a number of in-depth language courses. iNMSOL was established in 1992 in the marvelous city of Alhambra, Granada geographical region.

iNMSOL provides classrooms fully equipped for teaching the Spanish language through various forms of media: television, DVD, video, and all necessary audio equipment for more immersive learning.

Spanish Course for Erasmus Students

Soon enough will come the time to decide on which Spanish course for Erasmus students you’re particularly interested in. There are a number of courses offered for those who have yet to learn Spanish, and can be picked depending upon desired difficulty as well as thoroughness. A student may also decide the length of time they persist in the course. For example, Intensive Spanish Course I, a four lesson/day course, offers up to four weeks of courses.

iNMSOL also offers V Individual Spanish course, in which the student may decide how many lessons per day they wish to receive. These are only two of the many courses suggested and each course provides variety that may pertain to an individual’s specific preferences. Students are given the option to not only decide on which course to take, but for what length of time and how often a day with a simultaneously unique and relatively affordable price.

Benefits of Learning Spanish

Spanish class for students of different levels

Aside from peoples general reasons for learning the language, there are numerous benefits to forming a comfortable understanding of Spanish and how to communicate in it. Building relationships will become easier and open more doors in the realm of potential friendship.

In learning Spanish, students may also develop a deeper sense of respect and appreciation for Spanish culture and the country. It is always an exciting experience for any student studying in Granada.

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