Learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to do it, but it does mean finding a place to live while you study. Fortunately, there are several convenient options to choose from, and all of them have the potential to help your studies in unique ways.

Home stay

People who choose this option live with a family in Spain. This guarantees immersion into Spanish culture and regular opportunities to practice Spanish with native speakers, so it’s a great opportunity to get better at speaking Spanish as quickly as possible. That kind of exposure is one of the greatest reasons to study Spanish in Spain in the first place, so people who live with a family maximize the benefits of studying in the country. The host family will also have a deep knowledge of the area, so it’s great for people who think that they will need advice about how to spend their free time.

Shared Apartments

Where live when you are Studying Spanish in SpainMany people choose to live in shared apartments with other students. This is a particularly good choice for people who are worried about adjusting to life in a different country, since it surrounds them with people who are in the same position. Not only does this provide insulation from culture shock, it also means that all of the residents can share the lessons that they have learned about Spanish culture.

This living arrangement can also help with your studies. It doesn’t offer the same amount of immersion that comes with living with a Spanish family, but it opens up plenty of opportunities for group study sessions. People who are nervous about making mistakes while talking to native Spanish speakers should strongly consider this option as a way of getting more practice in a low-stress environment.

Hotels and Individual Apartments

Some people also opt to live in hotels, hostels, and individual apartments. The main reason to choose this option is the relative privacy that comes with it. These homes will still involve regular encounters with other residents in any shared facilities, but there won’t be as many close interactions.

That does mean fewer opportunities to work in groups or practice with native Spanish speakers, but that is balanced by more time to spend studying alone. That is valuable for people who do better on their own than surrounded with people, and it doesn’t mean passing up every opportunity for immersion. These apartments are still in Spain, so getting immersed in the nation’s culture is as easy as stepping outside and walking down the street.

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