There is no question that our societies and economies are becoming increasingly globalized; for this reason, the educational path you choose should reflect this new paradigm.

Excursions in Granada Learning SpanishIf you have previously considered signing up for a study abroad program, the time to act is now. Getting ready for the challenges of globalization means learning foreign languages and getting to know different cultures. To this effect, the Erasmus program of the European Union is one of the best initiatives for students who wish to acquire experience and skills to face a globalized future.

If you have thought about Erasmus in Spain, you should strongly consider Granada, the world’s best city to study Spanish.

First of all, you should know that the Spanish language ranks second in the world in terms of native speakers; there are nearly 400 million people in 21 countries from whom Spanish is their first language. Another 100 million people speak Spanish as a second language, and this number is quickly growing thanks to the emerging economies of Latin America.

Second, Granada is often cited as a success story with regard to the Erasmus program. This coastal community of southern Spain was mostly known as a major hub for tourism; these days, however, it is also known as a major academic and cultural destination. Each year, the University of Granada hosts more than 2,000 Erasmus students from across Europe; furthermore, hundreds of language learners from around the world come to Granada to learn Spanish because this is a city that has a strong linguistic tradition.

Even if you are not in the Erasmus program, you will certainly enjoy learning Spanish in Granada; after all, this charming city is part of the Andalusia region, which is where the first-ever “Grammar of the Castilian Language” was published in 1492.

If you enjoy culture, the arts, history, tradition, and making new friends from all over the world, Granada should be your first study abroad choice. Despite being a tourism destination, the cost of living in Granada is very reasonable when compared to the rest of Spain. From beach life to nightlife and from academic research to sports, you will find that Granada has everything you can hope for.

With all that Granada has to offer, don’t be surprised if you come here to learn Spanish and think about extending your stay.

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