Do you want to learn a second language? Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, and learning it at a Spanish school in Granada offers countless benefits you will not find anywhere else. You will have the opportunity to learn Spanish in a centre with plenty of activities to help you speak and understand the language. These are three ways that you can learn Spanish in Granada.

1. Take a guided tour

One of the best ways to learn Spanish in a centre like Granada is taking a guided tour through historic districts. The nearby districts, such as Albayzín, Realejo, and Sacromonte; offer endless topics for discussion, including local history and folklore. For instance, you can see sights like Albayzín ‘s city gates, Realejo’s Campo de Príncipe, and Sacromonte’s cave house.

Activities to learn Spanish in a Spanish school in Granada2. Talk about your interests with others

What could be more interesting than discussing your favorite things with others? One benefit of studying at a Spanish school in Granada is the opportunity to spend time speaking with other students about everything from current events to history. You can debate topics with others or take a class on something new, like Latin American culture and history. Whether you want to talk about what you already know or learn about something completely different, you will find endless opportunities in Granada.

3. Learn through your favorite foods

Do you have a recipe you can’t wait to share with others? Is your favorite part of traveling trying the best foods the area has to offer? Then Granada is the perfect place to experience the best meals from around the world while learning a new language. You can cook your favorite meal and share it with others while teaching them how to cook it in Spanish. In addition, you will experience cuisines from around the world as other students teach you to cook their favorite foods. If cooking isn’t for you, consider taking a tour of the region’s best Tapas while discussing them with a teacher.

If you want to learn Spanish and experience the best of Spain’s culture, then these three activities can give you the best of both worlds. Learning a new language doesn’t have to be dry; You can experience a whole new way of life while learning a skill that will benefit you both here and at home. Instead of just studying, experience activities you will remember for a lifetime.