An Impressive Legacy

For over 25 years now, INMSOL has been offering students the chance to study Spanish in Granada. Certified by the Cervantes Institute, we maintain the high standards necessary for creating an exceptional experience. Known for language immersion, iNMSOL has helped many students to achieve their ultimate linguistic goals—all while on vacation in one of the most beautiful locales in the entire world.

A City That Sparks Up All Kinds of Conversations

Students are often bowled over by the tremendous beauty of Granada, as well as the generosity of spirit possessed by its communicative residents. While relaxing and enjoying the sights, students often create some of their best memories by chatting with locals. Whether you’re exploring the town or making new connections in class, there is no doubt that you’ll find yourself having a lot in common with your new friends.

A Spanish School in Granada That Cares about Your Progress

Students are usually surprised to notice how much the teachers at INMSOL go out of their way to ensure that their learning experience is positive and fun. They will also appreciate the magic of immersion, in which the brain quickly adapts to the new language. Who wouldn’t want to study Spanish in Granada, all while testing out the exceptionally fine cuisine available in the area?

An Extraordinary Spanish School in Granada

When students are serious about learning, they come to INMSOL. Boasting a diverse array of people—from retirees to business professionals who need to learn for work—this is a customized, personalized learning program that helps students at all levels to reach their ultimate potential. And if you’re looking to travel some during your time in Granada, then you will definitely want to check out the weekend trips available to places such as Sevilleand Cordoba. At this school, there truly is something for everyone who wants to learn.

An Experience You Will Remember for the Rest of Your Life

Former students often speak kindly about their time at INMSOL, recalling all of the wonderful memories they have made, as well as the language proficiency they have gained. If you are looking for a language learning experience unlike any other, it’s time to contact INMSOL.

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