Amet, the strong warrior and chief of the tribe of the Aldorandines, lived in Granada during the reign of Mahomet V (the 8th king of the Nazari dynasty). Amet only thought about the war and was careless and indifferent to the love ups and downs. Even on the tip of his spear he attached a handkerchief embroidered with the word “free”. After recovering from a long illness, Amet decided to return to the battlefield against Christians and one day he began his journey to neighboring lands, to the mountain range of Ronda.

He was prepared to put up the fight, climbed to the top of a hill to scan inside of a walled castle. What the surprise when he saw leaving a young Christian maiden, named Isabel Pereda. Prisoner of her beauty, Amet was taken aback by immense passion. After then he met the girl every day when she went to visit her poor nursemaid in a nearby farmhouse.

Amet told her about his love for her and took her captive to his Moorish palace in the famous Basil slope in Albaicin. According to legend, a few days after Isabel lost any sign of reason and sanity. Her only consolation was to find blue roses, which were present only in her imagination. Amet did the impossible to please her, but nothing worked, so he decided to bring her nursemaid to the palace. The remedy took effect because the girl recognized her instantly, looked with new eyes at Amet, believing that the roses he had cut for the Virgin were the blue roses she dreamed about, and she come to one´s senses.

Once recovered, Isabel and Amet returned to the castle of Ronda, where the young warrior became a Christian to marry his beloved. However, the legend tells that Amet, couldn´t contain his desire to return to his dream city, and with the help of his slaves he kidnap Isabel back to the palace, known today as the Palace of Amet or the Palace of blue roses.

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