Dale limosna, mujer, que no hay en la vida nada como la pena de ser ciego en Granada”.

Among the famous phrases about our beautiful city, Granada, there are certainly the words of Francisco de Icaza: “Give him alms, woman, there is nothing in life like the pain of being blind in Granada“.

Who is Francisco de Icaza?

He was a Mexican critic, poet and historian who lived in Spain. He married the young and wealthy Spaniard, Beatriz de León, who grew up in Granada. A street in Granada is named after him and in the Plaza de las Pasiegas there is a plaque with his most famous poem written for the city of Granada, that is to say

“Give him alms woman,

There is nothing in life

Like the pain of being

Blind in Granada”.

Why these verses?

These verses were written during the couple’s honeymoon. The honeymoon included Granada. One day, while the couple were strolling through the Alhambra woods, the blind man appeared. This made the Mexican poet exclaim: “Dale limosna, mujer”- addressing his new wife. From there, the immortal verses were born. This plaque is in the Alhambra, more precisely in the Jardines de los Adarves. At the western end of the garden, there is a viewpoint from where the wall that joins the Bermejas Towers starts, the wall where there are the famous verses of the poet Francisco . These verses are also placed next to the cathedral, in the Plaza de las Pasiegas.

They are verses with which the poet expresses his admiration and amazement at every corner and every stone of the city.

From iNMSOL we advise you to enjoy your stay here in Granada and not to miss a single corner of this wonderful city!

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