We invite you to continue knowing the history of Granada through its mysteries and charms. In this case, the hand of “El Suspiro del Moro”, one of the legends of the Alhambra that endures from generation to generation. Currently, if we travel towards Motril, we can find, among populations of Otura and the Padul a kilometer which is called precisely so, The Sigh of the Moor.

alhambra-desde-silla-del-moro-450x300And that is what the legend has :when the Kings Catholic-Fernando e Isabel- settled in the United Granada in 1492, the last King, Boabdil, had to undertake their exile. Without resistance, the Catholic Monarchs raised their flag in the Alhambra as a symbol of victory.

Thus, Boabdil and his entourage embarked on his way heading to Las Alpujarras Almeria (specifically to Laujar de Andarax). Dejected and unable to look back and away from the Alhambra, he stopped on a short hill, as it is said. Precisely, which  is now known as The Sigh of the Moor.

From there returned the gaze towards the city, sighed and start to cry yearning the lost land. His mother, Aixa, rebuked him with a famous phrase:

“Weep like a woman who could not defend like a man”

With her, she showed her anger, anger and shame, since Boabdil refused without a fight.

If you liked this story, we advise you to visit a place with charm in Granada: the Silla del Moro or Castillo de Santa Elena. It is from a set of small towers walled that were built in the century XIV to watch the Generalife. According to the legends of Granada, the modal of the King Boabdil caused a mutiny between the people and the King fled to the hill close to the Alhambra. There he took a shelter, to be able to observe the uprising, therefore, it is known as Silla del Moro.

It draws attention to the fact that there is a network of tunnels that connect it to the Generalife. In fact, it is said that the place is full of hidden treasures abandoned by Muslims. It is located in the Cerro del Sol, right in the climb to the recreational area known as “Llano de la Perdiz”.Although today its appearance differs of the original and serves more well viewpoint, it is recommended, both to be walked on foot as to enjoy the nature and return to the last.


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