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The Legend of the enchanted Soldier

The following tale is set in the Alhambra.

La leyenda del Soldado Encantado de la Alhambra de Granada

A student of the University of Salamanca spent summers traveling to different cities and he was playing the guitar to make some money and be able to paying his studies.

In one of these trips, he came to visit the city of Granada, and according to the legend, during a walk he met a soldier with armor and a spear, a soldier from an old era. 

The student asked him for his identity, and he told him he had wandered about 300 years due to a curse that forced him to protect and guard the treasure of King Boabdil for eternity. The soldier told him that he could only leave the treasure once every hundred years.

The soldier asked the student for help in order to break the spell, for what he needed a Christian girl and a fasting priest. The Christian girl wasn’t difficult to find, but the only priest he found was an obese one, who loved to eat, so only with the wealth promise he accepted to help him.

The young student brought together the two of them, the young woman and the fasting cleric and the three that night went to the hideout where the soldier was to break the spell.

However, during the ritual the priest couldn’t fulfill his promise and his greed made him pounce on the food they had prepared for late. The spell couldn’t be broken, and the soldier wasn’t freed from the curse.

Today, the Grenadians tell that the Enchanted Soldier of the Alhambra is still walking round the treasure of the King Boabdil.

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