Travelers wishing to experience the beauty of the Alhambra can´t stop reading the various legends of Granada that remains in the collective memory. Today we review the legend of the Gate of Justice, one of the four entrances to Nazari set.


If we reached the door step of the Justice door, we will see two symbols. On the one hand, we can see the hand of Arch façade and, on the other, we can see the key in the entrance of arch. Those who built it (year 1348, during the reign of Yusuf I) ensured that no man – or even thousand armies together – could collapse its walls. According to the legend, that was the day in which both elements will be united because it has reached the end of the world.

At the same time, other stories say that the hand and the key is arranged in such a way on the Gate of Justice since there never would be any knight, astride his horse, he reached the height of the hand with the tip of his launches. In that case, he would conquer the throne of the Alhambra.

This entry – the Gate of  Justice or also known as Gate of the Explanada- It is one of the most used to access to the enclosure palatial. The other three are the Gate of Wine, the Seven Floors and the Suburb. We will reach the first of them rising from the center of the city by the famous Cuesta de Gomérez. A special occasion to enjoy a magical environment, between vegetation and sources, we will definitely transport you to another time.

At its concourse, if we decide to move into it, it will surprise us not only by its grandeur, but also by its entry in a zigzag pattern on a slight slope. It was made this way to hinder the passage of any possible enemy troops. In addition, it is a must stop to contemplate the original Moorish architecture, as its dome of red brick, along with other symbols that were placed after the conquest of Granada by the Catholic monarchs. This is the case of the Gothic figure of the Virgin and Child (Robert German) or the Altarpiece of Diego de Navas 1588.

Once inside the enclosure , can be guided by other legends of Granada sleeping hidden among the monuments such as the Alhambra walls. If you want to know them, be sure to visit our page.

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