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The legend of the walled balcony of Casa de Castril

In the Carrera del Darro, between the hills of the Alhambra and Granada district Albaicín, is a landmark of a Renaissance palace built in 1539, the Casa de Castril. This building, former home of the Archaeological Museum, contains one of the most nostalgic legends of Granada city. Today we want to share it with all of you.

FachadaGranadaCastril_grandeIf we come to it, we can see how in the second floor´s corner towards the Paseo de los Tristes there is a blind balcony. About this mysterious walled balcony there is inscribed a slogan that says “” waiting for the sky”. This Palace, is made by Hernando de Zafra (Secretary of the Catholic monarchs), who instructed to build as a noble guard not only a great visual appeal, but also numerous secrets and legends for the travelers. One of them, would be reinforced by the opinion of those who assert that a young woman dressed in white, with clothing of the middle ages, wanders and stroll around their rooms crying and sobbing.

As well, according to it, the daughter of widower Hernando de Zafra, Elvira, fell in love with the young Alfonso de Quintanilla when she had not yet reached the age of 18 years. Both families were rivals because of what they both saw in secret.

One day, taking advantage of the absence of don Hernando, the lovers met in Elvira´s room. Fate wanted the noble to return earlier than planned to the family home. A servant alerted to the couple of their return and the young Alfonso could leave from the balcony. However, the father found the young boy in the apartment of his daughter and believed that he was her lover.

Stunned by such a situation, and without listening to the please of the servant, he sent to hang his right on the balcony, walled today. “Hung will be, waiting for her from the sky”, said don Hernando, who ordered the mark that phrase in the header of the balcony so it happen to nobody else dishonoring his daughter. Unable to see the light of day, Elvira was inmate forever in his quarters. The tragedy does not stop there, since time after, the young sad and desolate, would put an end to his life by taking a poison.

If you are interested in the legends of Granada, stay tuned to our website.

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