During the last days of October we could finally see the snow on Sierra Nevada’s peak. The snow on the mountain is shining way more brighter than it usually does in these time of the year. This is a great time to enjoy the landscapes of Alpujarra.

To encourage you in visiting this place we want you to know more about Granada’s legend that leads us to other magical things about it. We are talking about the story of ” The Devil’s broom”

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A love relationship in Alpujarra

It’s isn’t the first time that someone tells a story about a relationship around Alpujarra. Actually, one of the most famous is the Fernando Colomo’s movie “Al Sur de Granada“.

This story, however, takes place years before that. In the medieval Andalucia, firmly ruled by feudal lords and landowners.

A young bubion lady was living under his father’s dictatorship in Alpajurra. When she turned 20 he decided to give his daughter in marriage to a feudal lord even more evil. The young lady, in love with a goat herder of Bubion, was horrified by this idea.

However, they didn’t take into account that the goat herder, in love with the lady, would have done everything in his power to save the love of his life. So when he left his home, going towards the castle, wanting to flee with her, he met the Devil which gave him a broom that would help him flee through Sierra Nevada.

The broom was capable of sweeping snow and burying the pursuers under it. And that’s how the two lovers finally escaped through Sierra Nevada. They left behind Alpujarra and the broom too, which, as someone tells, is still sweeping snow on Sierra Nevada.

This legend, together with many other stories of Granada, is collected in “Granada Misteriosa“, a book by José Manuel Frías.


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