Today we will talk about a very interesting book of  “thriller” plot: ” The Club Dumas” by Arturo Perez -Reverte , a Spanish writer and journalist , member of the Royal Spanish Academy since 2003. He wrote this book in 1993 and it is focused on mystery , adventure and intrigue. I advise you to read it, although it isn’t a ” new” book and probably not well known, but his story sure will capture you fully.
Anyway , not to get lost in conversation, we start reading a bit of the plot (just a little not to ruin you the surprise ) , to give an account of the plot of the novel .
“A major Spanish collector, Enrique Taillefer , charges the protagonist’s friend Lucas Corso, Flavio La Ponte, to sell the manuscript of The Anjou Wine . He find him dead, so it remains to check if it is or not the original Dumas .
As a parallel case , Varo Borja , an eccentric book collector , has commissioned Corso to find the last two copies of the book called The Nine Gates , whose protagonist is the devil.
Throughout the book, Corso will have to clarify which is the connection between The Three Musketeers and the devil , meeting literary characters , as a seductive Milady , a dangerous Rochefort and the strange appearance of Irene Adler . “
Also take a look at the two main characters we meet along the story:
  • Lucas Corso has turned 45 , has good reflexes and patience. He’s stubborn , has a good memory , and he is very professional in his work. He’s thin, has got sharp and angular features, use lens mount twisted steel, always wears shoes scuffed and Oxford bag Canvas shoulder which carries everything he needs to leave home in search of a rare edition if the occasion requires.
  • Irene Adler is a mysterious girl who knows Corso in a meeting with Boris Balkan, who later becomes his traveling companion and lover. She is a young girl of about 19 years old, very pretty and sexy, with bright green eyes , short brown hair, no earrings or necklaces or any adornment for the body.
From this book, was shot in 1999 the film ” The Ninth Gate ” by Roman Polanski (with Johnny Depp as the main actor), respecting the same characters and the same thread , but focuses more on the subject of the devil.
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