Dear friends,
we want to remind you that the registration for DELE exams of next November 2009 opened on the 1st of September .

As you know, the exam will be on the 13th and 14th of November (depending on the country) and the certification levels are the followings:
§        Diploma de Español B1 Level (Initial)

§        Diploma de Español B2 Level (Intermediate)

§        Diploma de Español C2 Level (Advanced)

To help you with the preparation of DELE exams, we invite you to have a look to all informationabout them on the ufficial portal ( What for publications concerns, the following link supply an updated report about different titles existing on the editorial market:

Given that it is also possible to plan a preparation course with other general didactics support materials, we suggest you anyway a link, in which they give you a list to orient you:

We hope the information given will help you with the preparation of the exams!

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