From 13 to 19 of July the ‘Museo Cuevas’ of Sacromonte is going to be one of the open spaces
where the festival ‘Cines del Sur’ takes place.

The movies are shown in the original language at 22,30h and the price is 3€.

There are two showings:
Extraño tanto Mar


Out of the festival ‘Cine del sur’ and as activity of the museum, on Wednesday 23 June we will celebrate
“Noche de San Juan” with music, fire and water.

During July and August we will continuos with the programmes of ‘Cine en el Sacromonte’ and ‘Sacromomnte cuna de Flamencos’

Later we will complete information upon these programmes.

Greetings and thank you

Juan Güeto

Museo Cuevas del Sacromonte – Barranco de los Negros s/n   18010 Granada   –    958.21.51.20