“Patrimonio” is the name under which the company of the granadian director Juan Dolores Caballero has introduced its latest flamenco show, a fun proposal that came last weekend at Alhambra Theatre and dressed of flamenco art the Andalusia’s Day and Saturday from 21:00 pm.
Patrimonio convert in flamenco a theatrical scene (with musical format) with the unique idea to entertain and convey the essence of one of the hallmarks of Andalusia.
The staging includes a “perhaps out of deep Catalonia” presenter, as stated in the poster presentation (perhaps influenced by the fact that he is called Don Pere Pommes ), a lanky dancer, a singer of the Bahia, the sound of the guitar, heels, singing and the beat. An entire mixture stimuli for all the fans of one of the most popular regional worldwide rhythms.
The function has already been presented with great reception by the public at the last Fair Theater in Southern Córdoba province, Palma del Rio.
They’ve been singing Aurori la de la Tovara, El Tio Gregorio, La Espoleá and El niño de La Mano, while the dancer was Rafael Garcia, better known as El Quebrao.
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