Here it is a big news!
The NASA has chosen one photograph of the Sierra Nevada as the astronomical  image of the day, to be included in Astronomic blog of the american corporation.
The author of this spectacular image is the photographer settled in Granada, Guido Montañés who captured a lenticular cloud
over the Veleta.
Granada surprises us another time: the photograph immortalizes a very particular phenomenon, in which a group of clouds are gathered around the top of a mountain in the case..
What is known is that the picture was taken during January, according to the source, when a cloudy lenticular group covered up the sky, at the same time when the sun was perpendicular to the marvellous neighborhood of the Albaicín.
This is an incredible marvel of nature, made possible thanks to the different temperatures and the humidity present there, in the different stratum of the low atmosphere.
What is new is that the waves of air involved, this time, moved vertically.. “that is something unsual”, as the report says.
It is clear that we owe all of this to the nature and to its wonderful free shows of immense beauty. In this way, the Sierra Nevada clearly also helps to spread all of this inherited wealth.
We have to add too that is thanks to the photography that the diffusion of this beauty has been made possible, besides the spread of social media such as Twitter and Facebook as the most important..
Thanks to all of these media communication devices, the city of Granada has became a Trending Topic (the most commented subject on web).
All of this is with no doubt something that will make the visitors curious.. and it’s,by the way,completely free!
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