Nowdays, the Cervantes Institute is developing a specific exam tailored to the needs of school groups, namely between 11 and 16 years old.
Following the line of the whole certification system DELE , these tests also will be referenced to the CEFR levels as well as the levels of the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plane , so that the younger ones would have a first diploma DELE
The first test of this new line will be administered for the first time in the next call DELE of May 2014 (day 23)
For the dissemination of this new Spanish exam , the Cervantes Institute has created a series of promotional materials and media , to be know and successful among potential candidates. Therefore, the same Institute has created a specific microsite to promote DELE A1 SCHOOL . This site has a structure very similiar to the exams DELE B1 and B2 one, and it will have a section with specifications, the model example and an examination guide for users.
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