If you are thinking of traveling to Spain, we tell you how the COVID-19 offers a flip side to Granada.

The tourist sector and the city’s trade are facing one of the most difficult situations. It’s being a nightmare that we all hope to wake up from soon.

For the inhabitants of Granada, the city is far from this situation of “normality” of full streets, where it was difficult to walk or find a place to sit and take advantage of the characteristic tapeo.

The COVID-19 offers a flip side to Granada

Empty bar

But for tourists the situation is totally advantageous.

Now is the time to enjoy Granada

The COVID-19 offers a flip side to Granada. For those who have the opportunity to see it, to experience it and to taste it, Granada turns out to be even more charming now. Its magic hasn’t disappeared. He’s just looking for another way to get the heart of those who are fortunate enough to get to this place and thus give it even more courage.

The walks, the excursions, the climbs that can be organized following the different rules and measures, give visions of landscapes or of impressive, spectacular and incredible architectures.

The COVID-19 offers a flip side to Granada

Empty Alhambra

From nature to different architectural styles, Granada manages to capture the attention and heart of all the spectators who are ready to let themselves be conquered.

The different miradores that are around the city and that once were full of people, appear today with very few people; they are the fortunate ones who can value deeply and without the pressure of chaos, the spectacle presented before their eyes, to savor it and make it their own.

The COVID-19 offers a flip side to Granada

Empty Mirador San Nicolás

Each corner of Granada, if admired and lived with an open spirit, can give away multiple emotions.

The history, climate, and warmth of the city have always made it one of the favorite destinations of very diverse tourists.

Take advantage of your trip to study Spanish

Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, which has been offering face-to-face classes since June 2020 with all the necessary security measures, is one of the reasons to allow people from all over the world to study Spanish, obtain Spanish language certification and be able to do tourism safely.

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