We write to inform you that DELE September 2018 qualifications are over. In what follows, we  put all the information:

  1. The term of review of qualifications begins tomorrow, 23/10/2018, and it will finish the day 22/11/2018.
  2. The candidates who have recorded their e-mail in the moment of the inscription, will have received enclosure to the e-mail of communication, the electronic file of their certification of qualifications. All the DELE candidates  can accede to their electronic certification of qualifications with value attestor in their personal space of the portal of Examinations of the Institute Cervantes (https: // examenes.cervantes.es/es/usuario/inicio-sesion).
  3. The NOT SUITABLE or Not presented candidates who want to request review of qualifications must send their request across the electronic form enabled in their personal space on the portal of Examinations of the Institute Cervantes.
  4. The requests of review of SUITABLE candidates / aces will be proceeded across the CAU and manual record in SICIC, by means of communication to Managers of Certification.

Please, for any doubt or consultation we are to your disposition, in addition, you can direct them to Cervantes across the CAUIC: https://cauic.cervantes.es