Granada Nights: la película

Have you ever dreamed of escaping your country and starting a totally new adventure in Spain? Well, “Granada Nights” is a film entirely dedicated to the Erasmus experience in Granada. British director Abid Khan has already released this film, did you know it? It tells the story of an English boy who comes to Granada to overcome a lack of love. During his trip he ends up becoming friends with a group of foreigners, which opens the doors to the international university scene, and which will take him to live the real Granada. The story is a “carpe diem, a journey in time and space… a song to the mixture of cultures, tolerance, friendship”

The film features many sites in Granada: the Café Fútbol (1 minute from iNMSOL), the Bohemia, the Pub Legend, the Cueva de Curro in the Albaicín and many more.

The director himself was in Granada 15 years ago and He said that time had changed his life. With this film he decided to tell his experience to the whole world, and to make understand the strong impact that the city had on him. The first scenes, in fact, have been recorded in the same hostel where Abin stayed many years ago, and the following in other places that he keeps in his heart:

“It’s a love letter to Granada”

The story has many characters. The main ones are:

It has been a success despite the fact that this film has been the baptism for most of them. As the film takes place, many places in our city are discovered, such as the viewpoint of San Nicolás where there is always time to enjoy a good beer and good music. In addition, the group of friends does not miss the appointment with churros and chocolate, something essential here!

For all these reasons, we advise you to see the film so that you know our city a little better: you will know the most typical places and you will begin to taste -in the distance- what we live in our city.

Although it’s best to come straight here to breathe this magical atmosphere!

And above all do not miss the opportunity to learn a little Spanish as soon as you arrive in Granada… at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol, of course!

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