The website “Sitios de España” has asked its followers which is the city with the most captivating beauty. Despite the quarrels, Granada has ultimately won the poll with 39.000 supporters, leaving Cordoba at the second place with 24.000 votes.

As the rounds passed, the cities with the least votes at every poll were eliminated. Approximately a week ago, the city of Alhambra won its place at the first semifinal against Cartagena. Finally, after the confrontation with Cuenca, it was decided that the rival of Granada at the final poll would be the neighbor city of Cordoba.

Taking advantage of the fact that Granada was nominated as the most beautiful city of Spain, the singer Javi de Haro – born in 1993 in Granada, an artist that mixes rap and flamenco, offering a great spectacle to the audience – wanted to honor his city with a song dedicated to the people who love a place as much as he does.

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