There have been some changes and updates regarding the inscription dates for CCSE exams, and we want to keep you informed about them.

As you already know, the new requirements for obtaining the Spanish Nationality imply, among others, overcoming the test of Constitutional and Sociocultural Skills of Spain (CCSE test), that can be done at Instituto Mediterráneo Sol. There will be 10 calls during 2016 (the ones of January and February have already passed), and each call has a deadline to subscribe to the exam.


You will find bellow every CCSE exam date and its deadline for 2016:

  • March call: Thursday, the 31st March. Inscriptions until the 10th March.
  • April call: Thursday, the 28th April. Inscriptions until the 7th April.
  • May call: Thursday, the 26th May. Inscriptions until the 5th May.
  • June call: Thursday, the 30th June. Inscriptions until the 9th June.
  • July call: Thursday, the 28th July. Inscriptions until the 7th July.
  • September call: Thursday, the 29th September. Inscriptions until the 8th September.
  • October call: Thursday, the 27th October. Inscriptions until the 6th October.
  • November call: Thursday, the 24th November. Inscriptions until the 3rd November.

So have a look to the changes, and note that inscriptions are opened since October 2015, for all calls. Also remember that you can practice this CCSE test in our website, using the free simulator CCSE test as many times as you need!

You will find this simulator tool by clicking here, easy!

We will be available in our office from 9 am to 6 pm, if you need further details or if you need any help with your inscription.

Good luck!

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