The Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen airport has now new connections thanks to the agreement with the EasyJet Company. The new airport destinations from Granada are Manchester and Milan.

Nuevos destinos de vuelo desde GranadaMeet the new destinations from Granada

The airport, which had only connections with national airports and with United Kingdom, now celebrates the agreement with EasyJet. This airline already connected Granada with the English capital. The British company will connect Granada with the Manchester airport and the Milan-Malpensa. This way the modest Granada airport connects with two foreign countries with competitive offers. The characteristics of the connections will be the following:

  • Milan (Italy): Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday will take off from Granada an aircraft A320 of 180 passengers destined to Italy.
  • Manchester (United Kingdom): This connection will start on the 21st of July and will take pace twice per week. It is the same aircraft as this to Milan with 180 passengers.

Lands at the most adecuate place

EasyJet is the most suitable company to “land” in Granada. It is a modern company that disposes cheap flights. Unfortunately, Granada is one of the Spanish cities that have the lowest incomes in Spain. Therefore, the Spanish South offers to its clients a great number of low cost flights.

On the other side, Granada is a city full of students. That makes Granada the city with the highest percentage of young population (between 19 and 25 years). It’s the young people that are keener to trust companies like EasyJet. The British company, based on the Jersey Island, has established this modern pattern and the low cost philosophy.

Travel. Meet. Live

If you are from Granada and you want to learn foreign languages, every time you will have less excuses to do so. The best way to practice a language is through travelling.

In iNMSOL, as language professionals, we are passionate for travelling. Life itself is a journey and its destination is to acquire the most of the knowledge about the world while alive. Meeting different cultures is efficient in order to get to know better the people surrounding you and yourself.

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