Last Thursday we hold a reception at Provincial Tourism Board of Granada, located in Palacio de Niñas Nobles, at Plaza de la Romanilla, with our group of students from Treviso, who have been taking a Spanish course for two weeks focused on issues related to socio-anthropological sustainability and funded by the European Union in the framework of the PROJECT MOVE 2.0: ETHOS. GOOD PRACTICES OF SOCIO-ANTHROPOLGICAL SUSTAINABILITY.

Our students were welcomed by the provincial deputy of Tourism, Enrique Medina, and the director of the Provincial Tourism Board of Granada, Francisco Maldonado. Later, María del Carmen López Ruiz, Tourism technician, made a presentation about the goals and situation of the tourism in the province of Granada.

We want to thank Provincial Tourism Board of Granada for their collaboration and willingness in all the occasions we ask them, as well as their kindness with our students and teachers.




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