Good morning everybody! We are glad to announce that the results of the DELE exams held in November 2016 have been published. The Instituto Cervantes has officially informed the examination centers about this, so the candidates can check their qualifitations online.

Resultados DELE Noviembre 2016

How can I check my results?

The DELE results are confidential. It means that each candidate must check the result of their own exam, individually, as it is private information. Examination center do not get the results of the candiates.

It is very easy to check your exam results: you just need to go to the official website,, and log-in with your email address and the password set for this purpose. Then, go to your personal section and search for “My certifications”. In that page you will see the exams that you registered for and the result.



Do I need any DELE printed certification?

The document that you can check online through the mentioned process is an official certification. You can use it as the official diploma. In a few months iNMSOL will received the printed dimploma for each candidate: we will contact the candidates in order to inform them. Then, if you are still living in Granada, you just need to come to iNMSOL and pick your certificate. If you are living abroad, we will ask for your new address and send it there by post.

Result review: what happens if I didn’t pass the exam?

There is the option to ask for a result review of your DELE exam if you haven’t passed the exam this time. The process must be done through the same website ( and the deadline for this review is the 1st March 2017.

We wish you all the luck!! And we hope that you all have passed the DELE exams.

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